02.09 >>> Adonis Digital Group CEO
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02.09 >>> Adonis Digital Group CEO
Pablo Timaréns

Pablo Mariano Timaréns was raised in a poor family on the outskirts of the Nueva Buenos Aires Settlement. Growing up, he spent a lot of time in the grimy and run-down strip club and brothel where his mother worked, surrounded by scantily dressed people and hearing the kind of raunchy jokes typically told by horny drunkards. When he was ten years old, he stole money from his mother’s purse and blamed his younger brother Benjamín for it. When their mother slapped Benjamín for stealing and thanked Pablo for telling her, he realized that reality doesn’t matter when you control people’s opinions and beliefs.

Timaréns had no money or education, but he did have an enormous amount of charisma. When the Adonis Digital Group was still a small company operating under the name of Telecommunications and Digital Media, Timaréns worked there as a repairman before convincing the person in charge of programming to give him a nightly stream, which was focused exclusively on mindless entertainment. He brought dancers from the strip club to perform on his stream while he and others told crass jokes. The show was an instant hit.

Timarens Draft
Early draft by Joi Rudin.

The company directors were worried that this sort of programming would steer them away from actual journalism, but the volume of income Timaréns brought in quickly made him essential for the group’s continuity. Timaréns understood that people wanted this kind of content to escape the grim reality that other news outlets showed. He continued hosting his show, which became an essential factor of daily public life, initially in the settlement and later across the continent. Whatever was said during the show would be the hot topic of conversation the following day. A good appearance on the show, or a kind word from the host, could make or break a whole career, either in entertainment or politics. Timaréns could turn presidential elections with just a passing comment. He became the VP of Programming and used this position to change the group’s focus from corruption and poverty to dancing competitions and childish gags. Once it became apparent that Timaréns was the most crucial piece of the corporation and that the group’s financial viability rested solely on his shoulders, the board of directors made him CEO and agreed to his request to rename the group to ADG. Timaréns has never stopped hosting his show, even after being made CEO. It is widely believed that he could run for president and win without any real competition, but that he prefers to remain the puppet master and delegate those responsibilities to someone in his pocket.

Once in control of the group, Timaréns developed an interest in VR-haptic hybrid entertainment systems and the idea of making the brain believe it was feeling something that was not real. The vast majority of the income that Timaréns’ leadership brought to the group was then destined for R&D for this project. Timaréns delegated this task to the technology-oriented companies that ADG had acquired, culminating in a functioning social media platform that can make its users believe they’re having real experiences. Timaréns quickly patented the rights to the whole system, monopolizing the market. Once he advertised the platform on his stream, it became the most used social media platform. The newly marketed Pleasure NFTs secured a new source of income for the company and an immensely effective tool for Timaréns’ agenda.

Timarens Clothes
Clothing concepts by Joi Rudin.

Timaréns is obsessed with his physical appearance. He is 45 years old and works out at least 4 hours a day, every day. Although he claims to maintain a clean lifestyle, his cocaine addiction is vox populi. He also claims to have no implants or enhanced body parts and that his sculpted body simply results from hard work. However, years ago, some rumors emerged about him having received a genital enlargement implant due to his natural penis being smaller than average, both in length and girth. One model who used to date Timaréns and refused to deny the rumor publicly was found dead in her apartment, with two bullets in the back of her head. Police reported this was a robbery, although nothing seemed to be missing from the apartment.

Timaréns is a large man, tall and wide. He’s very muscular and narcissistic. He is also very insecure and prone to violent outbursts whenever he feels he is not being taken seriously or given the respect he believes he deserves. He has several girlfriends who are all models or actresses, all at least 20 years younger than him. He has no children, nor does he intend to, as he thinks they would get in the way of his lifestyle.

Timarens Full Body
Full body concept by Joi Rudin.

Timaréns believes he is simply giving people what they want and improving their lives. He provides entertainment in bleak times, and the pleasure NFTs are a way for everybody to enjoy experiences otherwise unachievable for most.

When recently asked about his stance on human cloning, Timaréns explained that he has no particular interest in the subject. However, he later joked that he had some girlfriends he’d «love to duplicate,» although «to hear them nag» at him «in stereo would be a nightmare.»

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