03.03 >>> Micro Narratives
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03.03 >>> Micro Narratives
Lore snippets & dioramas
Schäfer & Schäfer Laboratories

The Experiment

Schäfer & Schäfer works tirelessly to bring out humanity’s full potential. Their Research and Innovation department experiments around the clock to explore every possibility of enhancing the human experience.

However, some research is better left undone. Pushing the limits of the human body can have dire consequences, both for the test subjects as well as the testers.

Wardlord Defense Industries


Search Drones overflying Wardlord Defense Industries’ compounds and inspecting the inner courtyards are a rare sight, as people attempting to infiltrate the facilities and steal company secrets usually never reach the inside of the building alive.

In the few and far-between occasions that some groups have managed to successfully get away with breaking and entering, retaliation has always been ruthless.

WDI strike aircrafts and spider tanks make sure that the culprits are neutralized and that the aftermath deters future runners from attempting to interfere with the corporation’s affairs.

Schäfer & Schäfer Laboratories

Moving parts

S&S Laboratories use the most advanced technology to develop the products and treatments that improve everyone’s life. The liquid that covers the bottom of the facility maintains the temperature and the hygienic conditions necessary to carry out ground-breaking medical research.

Rumors indicate that there is a non-disclosed project submerged in the antiseptic liquid, keeping it cool, clean, and concealed. The company denies the rumors, and all internal sources willing to discuss the subject have been promoted, demoted, or otherwise relocated to be out of reach.

New London City

Class struggle

The housing projects South of London are home to some of the poorest, most marginalized groups in the country. The rough living conditions are also the sort of spawning ground that favors the apparition of young, angry, and idealistic runners.

The buildings in the heart of Greenwich, unlike those deeper south, are mostly new and well cared for. Even in places somewhat prosperous such as this, some runners still dream of changing things, either for everybody or just themselves.

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