02.06 >>> Schäfer and Schäfer CEO
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02.06 >>> Schäfer and Schäfer CEO
Emma Schäfer

Emma Schäfer is the youngest CEO listed in Fortuna Magazine’s Top 10 CEOs That Keep The World Moving. She is currently 35 years old and began her rise to fortune and power when she was only 18. Her sister Renate was a medical genius, and Emma’s primary function was initially to keep the company financially viable and not necessarily profitable. Later on, Emma experimented with test batches of the pain killers her sister developed and became increasingly aggressive and unstable. Rumors indicate that her addiction problems deteriorated her relationship with her sister and ultimately were the cause of Renate’s retirement. Others believe that Renate is, in fact, dead, killed by Emma during a psychotic episode and that the recorded message attributed to Renate is Emma impersonating her sister to achieve total control of the company.

Emma Draft
Early character concept by Joi Rudin.

Regardless of what might have happened, the reality is that after Renate was out of the picture, Emma became even more unstable. She began investing in projects aimed at genetic modification and genome editing, claiming that she could elevate people’s bodies to become «superhuman.» So far, most body enhancements S&S offers to the public do not provide superhuman qualities, only improving existing characteristics. However, some sources claim that S&S’ Research & Innovation Department is still pushing the human body to new limits in secret laboratories conducting non-sanctioned experiments.

Emma provides the rich and powerful with quality recreational drugs, which has earned her their favors and loyalty. She has used this influence to modify laws that would have prevented S&S from marketing medicines to children, and that would have made the company liable for any adverse effects its products might have. Emma has been caught on record saying that she has a «higher mission» and that side effects are «stepping stones on the road to a better world.» The fact that these side effects can sometimes destroy the lives of those who suffer them does not seem important to Emma.

Emma Clothes
Outfit variations by Joi Rudin.

She has been lobbying for the legalization of human cloning for several years now, claiming that this technology would allow S&S to clone cells taken from people with hereditary conditions, correct their genetic code, and then replace the damaged organs. The company has stated that the process involves cloning isolated organs. Still, some rumors exist that it consists of cloning entire human embryos, accelerating the growth of the required organs until they are ripe for harvesting, and then disposing of the rest. Other sources speculate that S&S wants clones to use as an endless supply of test subjects. The UN’s Bioethics Committee has cautioned S&S against these unsanctioned experiments, although they have found no proof of illegal experiments. In recent years, Emma’s influence in the UN has grown significantly, and she’s likely to lobby the Bioethics Committee to hold a vote on the issue of legalizing human cloning in the near future.

Emma Full Body
Full body concept by Joi Rudin.

Emma’s hair is short and blond, and she has blue eyes. She mostly wears white and is obsessed with cleanliness. People who have interviewed her previously say that she always looks as if she is confused, as if her mind is somewhere else, but that is highly defensive and quite paranoid. Being in the same room with her has been described as «being in the presence of a marketing genius, a mental patient, a frightened cobra, or maybe the amalgamation of all three.»

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