03.01 >>> Having what it takes
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03.01 >>> Having what it takes
the guild recruitment mission
An interactive story by Espeche.

After an elevator ride that seemed to last forever, you reach the penthouse. The fluorescent strobe lights and the music hit you as the door opens. The nightclub staff points you towards the VIP section. Behind several huge bouncers and some red rope, there’s a luxurious couch in front of a private table. An imposing man is sitting there and beckons you to join him.

«So, Cryptorunner, you think you got what it takes to be part of the superior faction? Let’s see what you’re made of.

Being in the Guild is all about being the top runner and making the right decisions.

I want to see how you handle a proper job.

We’ll put you in the shoes of one of our rookie members and see what choices you make. But be warned: in this business, every false move you make could be your last.»

Play the interactive story.

03.02 >>> The disappearance of V4LJ3AN