03.02 >>> The disappearance of V4LJ3AN
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03.02 >>> The disappearance of V4LJ3AN
solve the mystery
An interactive story by Espeche.

You wander for hours in the dark streets of the Osaka slums, following the smell of trashcan bonfires and fumes. Eventually, you reach an alleyway where several Punks are talking amongst themselves. One of them separates from the group and approaches you.

«One of our fellow Punks, V4LJ3AN, has gone missing.» he says. «We don’t know what happened to him, but this whole thing stinks of Corpo-shit. One of my sources contacted me. They didn’t have much to go on, but they pointed me in the right direction. Now we know where to start looking. Here’s the address to the node that should contain the info we need.»

Play the interactive story.

03.03 >>> Micro Narratives