02.05 >>> Wardlord Defense Industries CEO
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02.05 >>> Wardlord Defense Industries CEO
Rebecca Wardlord

Rebecca Wardlord is the great-granddaughter of Wayford Wardlord, founder of the company, and daughter of Richard Wardlord, the previous CEO. She is currently 43 years old and has served as CEO for the last 15 years since her father’s health rendered him unable to fill the role.

Richard Wardlord’s wife bore him only one daughter and no sons before she passed away. The absence of a male heir made Richard pour all his expectations and frustrations into Rebecca. She was forced to live a strict, almost military childhood and become familiar with weapons and their use from a young age.

This stringent upbringing eventually numbed her sense of empathy, which led many to believe she has some sort of personality disorder that affects her interpersonal skills and allows her to take cold-blooded business decisions without any consideration for the repercussions of her actions on other human beings.

All documents regarding her mental health, including a professional diagnosis made by one preeminent expert on psychosis and sociopathy, have been lost, either by deleting the digital files or destroying their physical form.

Rebecca Draft
Early character concept by Joi Rudin.

Rebecca appears to have only two primary drives: one is to maintain her family’s company’s status and enhance it, if possible. The other is to bring order into what she considers a disorderly world.

She believes that WDI is the only entity in the world capable of enforcing the discipline and order needed for durable peace. The fact that she plans to achieve this through war and violence does not bother her in the slightest.

Rebecca has no known friends and no children of her own. However, she has considered having some, either via surrogate womb or some other technological means that do not require her physical participation, not because she wants them, but because she feels it would be an intelligent business decision to keep the company in the family.

She enjoys luxury and spares no expense for her pleasures. She likes wine made of actual organic grapes, which are nearly impossible to grow due to the ecological condition of the globe and thus extremely expensive.

She also smokes real tobacco and has been known to pay large sums of money for collector’s items such as pre-Solar Wreckage cigars.

Rebecca also collects memorabilia related to her trade, like antique weapons, and even has an authentic Zekoyaiba (絶好刃 ぜっこうやいば) katana, which she exhibits in her 211th-floor penthouse. She is an accomplished sharpshooter and has a natural talent for weapons in general. She is more than capable of handling pistols, rifles, explosives, and combat knives and even practices more extravagant skills, such as the use of her katana blade.

Rebecca clothes
Outfit variations by Joi Rudin.

She also has a prosthetic right hand made of a non-commercial metal that has not been identified by the public, as it appears it is some sort of prototype not available for mass production. Whether or not she lost her hand in an accident or decided to replace her healthy hand for no apparent reason is a mystery. Either way, it is known that the implant is not perfectly fused to her nervous system, as it shakes and hurts whenever she is not on special medication for it.

Rebecca Full Body
Full body concept by Joi Rudin.

In recent years, she has been linked to several pro-cloning institutions and laboratories. She reportedly intends to bring back some extinct animals, such as purebred cats and dogs, and even some more exotic species. To promote this initiative, she insists on having her pet cat, Ares, present in most photoshoots she participates in. Ares is a cloned Siamese cat and was a gift from an extremely wealthy and secret ally of Rebecca. She has also been highly vocal about the advantages of legalizing and advancing human cloning. Nonetheless, she is against the theoretical rights that human clones could have if the UN openly approved the technology and considered clones as equals to non-cloned humans.

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